Welcome to the Not A Normal Vampire Diaries Wiki! As the name suggests, this is not the most average, or "normal," wiki you will come across. It still is a dedication to The Vampire Diaries, also as the name suggests, but it does not follow the series in the way that most other wikis do a television series. If that's what you're looking for, and "stumbled" onto this wiki instead, click here to go to the original wiki for The Vampire Diaries.


What Is This Wiki?

Above only serves as an "introduction," but here is the real description for this wiki. Brought to you by the creator of the Naruto Hot Scenes Wiki, is the Not A Normal Vampire Diaries Wiki, which follows the same purpose as its creator's previous wiki (but for a different series, of course). On this wiki, there are lists of every sexual, erotic, or simply "hot" scene from The Vampire Diaries. As of now, there are four separate lists of that kind on this wiki—one for each of the four seasons. Of course, these lists are updated as new episodes air, and a new list is created for every season that begins.

Where Are The Lists?

The lists completed so far can't be found too easily. Just from the description of the "hot" scenes that are listed, they are definitely not appropriate for young children, so the links to the lists are "hidden" within links to other pages (all are still on this page). Hopefully, this will prevent any young people casually browsing the internet from accidentally finding them, even if they find this page.

How Do I Find This Wiki Again?

If you enjoyed browsing this wiki, which is hoped on, you may want to save this wiki on your computer, or even remember its URL. That's because you might want to revisit this wiki, and it's not found very easily on search engines (i.e., Google). That's because the top results are either the original wiki for The Vampire Diaries, its official channel, its Wikipedia page, or dozens of fansites. So, either add this page to your favorites, boomark it, or something like that—anything that will allow you to access it quicker than having to search through your entire computer history. Also, you could memorize the short URL of this page, or maybe just write it down. It's, a shortened up version of this wiki's name.


This wiki is NOT the original wiki for The Vampire Diaries. It was made far after the original, and is not trying to mislead anybody into thinking that it is the original. This is also a free, non-profitable wiki meant for the fans of The Vampire Diaries, but both the purpose of this wiki and the type of fans that it attracts are completely different. So, of course, if you did not find the information on this wiki that you were looking for, we suggest that you try browsing the original (the link to the original wiki is at the top of the page, labeled "click here"). Either way, happy browsing!

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